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Marshall Math Sciences, Harrisburg PA. International Prototype for Kenya

In Uncategorized on September 26, 2014 at 6:21 pm

Had a wonderful morning working with our partners at Marshall Math Sciences. They are running our prototype educational system for deployment in Africa. Our Aggreco team will stay in touch with them as we are working in Africa, connecting these students with something much larger.


Aggreco Site Visit in Louisiana

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Visited an incredible breeding facility of commercial tank fish with an Aggreco partner. Guppies, angel fish, and plecos. Looking to introduce them to breeding and rearing a number of marketable fish for consumption.

Working with the Aggreco International team at Waruhiu Agricultural Training Center

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Working with Waruhiu Agricultural Training Centre in Kenya. Utilizing existing fish ponds to increase productivity of nearby greenhouse through the introduction of aquaponic systems. These systems will be used as hands-on educational tools for training local small-holder farmers to convert their ponds to aquaponics.

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