Paul Nickerson

All Things Green!

In Alternative Agriculture, Aquaponics, Gardening, Identification, Pest Management, Potting, Propagation on October 8, 2010 at 4:28 am

Hey All!

I recently started building an aquaponics system in my dorm room (I hope I have not broken any rules…) Regardless, so many people seemed to be interested in the idea of “indorm gardening,” as I have named it, that I decided I should keep a running blog on it in order to keep everyone updated without having constant visitors! Anyways, as some of you know, and the rest of you will find out, Envi Sci majors have a perfectly healthy obsession with plants. I am hoping that this site can be a way for us to all gather our thoughts together, post questions to one another, and just have an interesting time sharing our love of all things green! Although this site is not an online dating service, I do hope that its content and communication will result in some very fruitful reproduction!

  1. I think this is a GREAT idea!!!! But you know, I’m still going to pester you every time I see you. I’ll always have something to say about plants!!!! 😉

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