Paul Nickerson


In Aquaponics on October 8, 2010 at 1:44 pm

I figured that since only one person I have spoken with knew what Aquaponics is, I should quickly explain the basic concept. Like most standard hydroponic systems, the plants are grown in water, without traditional growing medium such as dirt, however, while typical hydroponic systems run off of a nutrients solution, aquaponics use the natural nutrients produced from fish. Thanks to AFF, we all understand that fish secrete ammonia, and other waste, in both their normal excrement, and from their gills. Two wonderful bacterium convert this ammonia into Nitrites, and then to Nitrates which plants can then use as nutrients to grow.

Moreover, as the plants are receiving their nutrients from the fish water, the returning water is filtered, and thereby allowed the fish a happy living environment. Although my current “indorm” system is run off Goldfish (cheap and dirty), I am planning on up-scaling this project during this coming summer and using either Tilapia or Trout, which will add another tasty, harvistable aspect to the system.

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