Paul Nickerson

Lesson Learned the Hard Way

In Aquaponics on October 13, 2010 at 12:13 am

I promise I will be posting pictures and videos of my system as soon as I get it fully operational! Until then, I have been running tests and checks to make sure everything is running well before adding plants. After having run the system through for a few days, I have learned two very important lessons: 1)Follow Directions, 2) Nylons save lives!

In order to seal the hole where the lower drain hose, which drains the watering tray into the fish-tank, I used Kwik Seal ® Kitchen & Bath Adhesive Caulk. The instruction, which being male I went ahead and set aside, called for a 36 hour waiting period before allowing contact with water. Being impatient, and anxious to give the system a run-through, I waiting a short 20ish hours, and decided that 36 was simply unnecessary. After a few hours of having the system turned on, I noticed small amounts a white substance floating around in the fish bowl. After further investigation, I noticed that the inner seal of caulk was completely missing. As a result, I spent a long while cleaning the tanks, and ultimately resealing all the connections. Needless to say, I am waiting the full 36 hours before tuning the circulation system back on.

The second lesson I have learned from this project is that Nylons save lives! I rerouted the pump to circulate water within the fish tank to oxygenate the water. I allowed the system to run while I went to Spanish class, and upon my return, I noticed that one of my larger goldfish had managed to get his tale stuck in the intake of the water pump. Unfortunately, he was DOA, and I have now found it necessary to place the pump inside of a nylon pantyhose to avoid another such incident.


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