Paul Nickerson

Here Comes the Sun

In Aquaponics on November 25, 2010 at 12:48 pm

Over Thanksgiving break, the Biology department at the college was kind enough to allow me to set up my Aquaponics system in their greenhouse. While I was very excited about this, there were some precautionary measure that needed to be undertaken once the system was relocated.

Due to the fact that my system was originally built to be housed on my bookshelf, receiving light from a focused source, I was not concerned with the fact that I had constructed the entire system using clear tanks and tubing.

When moving the system to a greenhouse, where it will be receiving full sunlight from all directions during the course of the day, it became necessary to darken the hoses and grow bed. My intentions were to use electrical tape to wrap the hoses, but being pressed for time, I resorted to wrapping the grow bed and hoses with aluminum foil. I did decide to wrap only three sides of the fish tank, leaving the wall facing the inside of the greenhouse exposed.

Growbed Update

It is important to darken as much of the system as possible. This will greatly reduce the amount of algae that forms, and potentially clog the small tubing. However, it is not to say that all amounts of algae is a bad thing, as a small amount will help to balance the system.

System With Foil


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