Paul Nickerson

Air Plants

In Propagation on December 4, 2010 at 2:55 am

Air Plants, Tillandsia, are very interesting plants that are perfect for dorm rooms. Air plants survive with little care, and can be used as unique ornaments, as they can be place, or even hung, anywhere.

The most unique aspect of Air plants is that they do not grow in any sort of media. Moreover, they do not need any care other than a thorough watering about twice a month.

Mother Plant with Pup


As the plant grows, it will begin to form a second, small plant off to one side, called a ‘pup.’ You can either choose to keep the pup attached to the mother plant, or you can separate it to form a new, independent plant. Pups will typically form just over a month after flowering. As the Pup grows, the lowest leaves of the plant will appear to dry out. These can easily be removed.


Pup Removed from Mother

If you will to separate the pup from the mother, this can easily be done by gently grabbing the base of the two plants, and twisting them apart. You should not separate the pup from the mother plant until it is approximately 1/2 the size of the mother plant. This will ensure that it will be mature enough to survive on its own.



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