Paul Nickerson

Strawberry Update

In Aquaponics on December 8, 2010 at 1:13 am

Strawberry (Bottom Right)

I previously posted that I was having a problem with the strawberries. When I originally introduced the plant into the system, the leaves began to die off. I reduced the plants exposure to water by elevating it in the system. I also removed the dying leaves, in hope that new growth would form from the main body of the plant.

Newest Growth At Base Of Strawberry

After a couple of weeks, the health of the plant seemed to improve. I slowly worked to introduce the plant to a normal water cycle. A few weeks ago, I successfully replanted the strawberry plant in the grow bed. Here are some pictures of the result! In the second picture of the base of the plant, you can only see four of the newest leaves. There are two more sets of three leaves that are slowly opening up. They should be fully exposed in the next couple days!

  1. Great updates! Looking forward to following you on your aquaponics journey! If I may ask, what country/state are you blogging from?

    • I am currently going to school in Pennsylvania, USA, but I live in Connecticut, so the larger, 300 gallon, system i am building there. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Finally! Another aquaponics person in CT! What part of CT are you in….I’m in the north east. Send me a private message on my Youtube channel (web4deb) if you want to chat.

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