Paul Nickerson

Sowing Seeds

In Aquaponics on December 15, 2010 at 4:15 pm

Although there are a number of ways to sow seeds in a an Aquaponics system, I just want to share with you all something interesting that has occurred in my InDorm system.

While planting my Strawberry Container grow bed, a number of Tomato seeds fell out of their packet and onto my desk. I cleaned up what I could, but apparently some fell into a pocket in my bag. I discovered them when I went to take pictures of my system.

Without the use of germination bags, or mini cubes, I just placed the three seeds on top of the growing bed. If they grew, great. If they didn’t, no big waste.

I left the system over the weekend, and while shooting my InDorm Aquaponics Update video, I noticed two of the seeds had germinated! Although I would not recommend this the most effective way to germinate seeds in an Aquaponics system, it does work!


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