Paul Nickerson

InDorm Pineapple Attempt #2

In Propagation on January 4, 2011 at 12:53 am

Pineapple Attempt #2

I have previously attempted to water-root a pineapple top. Unfortunately, due to the fact that I used a pineapple that had been completely cut in half, including the top, it was very susceptible to bacterial infections. A mold quickly began to grow along the cut edges of the top. I decided to trash that plant, and try again.

This time I am using a fresh top from a pineapple I bought from a grocer. I twisted the top off of the pineapple, peeled off the bottom inch of leaves, and planted it directly into succulent growing medium, to provide good drainage for the plant to grow. I will continue to keep you all updated on how it plays out!

  1. […] month ago I placed this top in my Indorm Aquaponic System. (It is pictured in soil as I was transporting it from Ct to Pa. This […]

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