Paul Nickerson

InDorm Potato Farm

In Alternative Agriculture, Gardening on January 4, 2011 at 12:38 am

There is currently a lot of information online regarding Container Potatoes, therefore, I will not go into great detail about the intricacies of planting potatoes in bins. Instead, I am going to outline my InDorm system.

InDorm Potato Farm

The overall theory behind my system is to stack 5 gallon pails on top of each other in order to achieve growth along the whole length of the potato plant. After drilling a number of small holes in the bottom of one pale, I planted small pieces of seed potato.

As the plant grows, I will continue to bury the plant by filling the bucket little by little with compost and soil. Once the dirt reaches the top of the base pale, I will cut the bottom out of a second pale, and stack it on top, continuing the process.

System Light Cover

The pride and joy of my InDorm Potato Farm is the grow light. I cut a large hole out of the middle of a plastic lid, then pop-riveted an eight-inch, metal flood light to the cover. I put a 65 watt flood light in the lamp, which cast light directly over the plants. It also maintains a micro-climate of 85 degrees. This seems to be an ideal situation for healthy potato growth.


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