Paul Nickerson

Container Garlic

In Propagation on February 5, 2011 at 7:52 pm


According to Phil, our favorite groundhog, Spring is on the way! With the coming of spring, seeds are appearing on the shelves of garden centers once again! Today I was able to buy my Garlic Bulbs for this coming season. At $7.99/lb, I was able to purchase two, large bulbs for $1.36.


Divided Cloves

To start the garlic, I used the base from the fountain that I bought to scrap the pump for my InDorm Aquaponics system. The base is about 4″ deep, with a 10″ diameter. After having carefully separated the bulb into is cloves, I planted them just under the surface of the soil. I used a mixture of succulent soil, for drainage, standard potting soil, and compost, from my vermiculture system.


Planted Clove SproutedMy goal is to start the garlic, allowing them to sprout in a smaller, more control environment. I will then transplant the healthiest plants to a larger pot. It is important to not over-water the cloves, this will hinder the development of the bulbs, and will not allow the proper formation of clove skins. As a result, the bulbs will not store properly after harvesting.


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