Paul Nickerson

One Gallon Vertical Grow Containers

In Alternative Agriculture on June 1, 2011 at 8:17 pm

We assembled these containers by first planting the seeds in trays. When the seedlings grew their first sets of true leaves, we removed them from the trays and fed their roots through the hole in the container. We used a small amount of newspaper as a collar to protect the stem of the plant from the sharp edge of the plastic, and filled the container with potting mix.

The herbs were grown on top of the containers from seed, and seem to be doing very well. The herbs seem to aid in water retention inside the containers. This has helped us to utilize the maximum amount of available space.

  1. Hi Paul,

    This is Rod. My wife and I would like to thank you for the tour of your hydroponics set up in your basement last weekend.
    Here is a web site where a guy in Arizona used his swimming pool for a greenhouse hydroponic garden. I am actually thinking about doing this with my swimming pool but I don’t know where the finances would come from and I have some issues with North South orientation and shade from trees on the lot to the South of my pool. Also I wonder about damaging the vinyl liner which is only a few years old.

    Here is the beekeeping web site I was telling you about

    • Hey!
      It was great having you all over to see it! I have seen that pool video before. It seems like a very interesting way to polyculture and interconnect a number of different alternative ag systems. If you ever get that going I would love to see it sometime! Thank you very much for sending me the site on the bees! I am really excited about getting into that someday. Another project to get going on.

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