Paul Nickerson


FishyPlants is a Controlled Environment Agriculture consultancy that focuses on agricultural education both domestically and internationally.

  1. Paul;
    Greetings from the nutty professor of gardening. I have procured most of the materials to erect a 100′ x 16′ x 19’H leantoo food factory. I love pineapple and was musing with the concept of being the ” PREMIER PURVEYOR OF PENNSYLVANIA PINEAPPLE”.

    So I googled growing pineapple in Pensylvania and you came up. Kinda gratified to see the direction you’re taking. It’s much more fun to run a little shop of horrors than to be an ombudsman for the green folk.

    Have you ever heard of boichar?

    • Hey!
      Sounds like a fun project! Let me know how that goes? Where in PA would you be working on this?
      I have heard a number of different things about Biochar, as it relates to soil preparations. Would you be using it for the pineapples? Have you used it in the past? And lastly, what are your thoughts on it?
      -Paul Nickerson

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