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Propagating Pothos

In Propagation on February 7, 2011 at 3:45 pm

Pothos Clipping

A close friend of mine recently cut back her Pothos plants, also known as Devil’s Ivy. She was kind enough to volunteer her clippings to be propagated. Pothos Plant is a wonderful houseplants, and perfect for any dorm room. It can flourishes in just about any conditions, and it long, vine-like branches at wonderful look to any windowsill.

Pothos Clippings In Pot

To increase my chances of rooting a strong plant, I utilized both pot-rooting and water-root. To prepare the branch for rooting in a pot, the branch was cut, using sterile scissors, just above each node. The node is located where the leaf meets the branch. These sections were planted in a pot of loose potting soil and compost. The pot should maintain a level of slight humidity, being careful not to allow the pieces to rot as they soak and dry.

Pothos In Water

I took the second length of Pothos branch, cut a fresh, sterile cut off the end of it. I cut the leaves from the bottom six inches of the branch, and placed it in a bottle of distilled water. It is important that a least 2 nodes are submerged in water, as those are where the roots will form. When a strong root system has formed, the cuttings can be potted in multipurpose potting soil.

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