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FshyPlnts Welcomes 14 New Fingerling

In Aquaponics on August 29, 2012 at 2:23 pm

Today I decided to remove the spent tomato plants from the system and was met with a wonderful surprise. Cleaning the sump tank is a fairly standard procedure. Remove the plants, then the mats. Skim the water to remove any debris or plant matter, and then replace the rafts and plants. That is what I planned on doing this afternoon. Aquaponics teaches you to be flexible and to go with the flow.
While removing the mats I realized there was a small fish in the sump tank. The tilapia reproduced a few months back, but since seeing the initial eggs, there have been no signs of progeny. Determined to get that little fish back into the main tank, I grabbed a net and headed to work dredging aimlessly in the murky water.

When I pulled the net from the tank, two fingerlings emerged. Confused, I began to drain the tank while hunting for other fish. After about 40 minutes of splashing around in the sump tank I relocated 14 fingerlings, all healthy and well-developed, into the main tank. We now have evidence that on a diet consisting entirely of sunflower press cake, tilapia can effectively survive and reproduce. Furthermore, fingerlings are capable of living healthily in a system entirely fueled by sunflower press cake.

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