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Constructing the Grow Beds: Cutting and Washing

In Aquaponics on December 29, 2010 at 12:58 am

330gal Tote Fish Tank

After exploring a number of different possibilities, it was decided that our best bet was to use 330 gallon, food grade totes to construct the entire system. One tote, after cutting an access hatch, will be used to house the Tilapia. The second tote was cut into thirds, and the ends used as grow beds, each about 14 inches deep. After marking the tote with a pencil and straight edge, it can easily be cut with a saws-all.

As the totes previous contained food product, I cleaned them with a natural dish-soap from ‘Seventh Generation.’ Although connecting a hose directly to the hot water heater proved very effective, I do not advise washing totes outdoors in December.

Grow Beds in Basement

While washing one section of the tote, water froze over the other areas, covering the dirt in a thin layer of ice. To wash the totes, it became necessary to spray hot water on a section of the ice, and quickly wash off all exposed dirt before the water froze once again. After a while of this game, I finally got both grow beds washed out, and set up in the basement.

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