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Pineapple Update!

In Propagation on September 21, 2011 at 9:24 am

Pineapple Update

So I thought it was high time I posted a photo of the pineapple I rooted in my Indorm Aquaponic system. To recap, we rooted a number of different pineapple tops both in traditional potting soil, as well as two in the aquaponics system. The ones in the system formed roots very rapidly, and within a few months began to show shoot growth.

Eight month ago I placed this top in my Indorm Aquaponic System. (It is pictured in soil as I was transporting it from Ct to Pa. This is the newest picture of the pineapple. It seems to be growing really well. As Pineapples are Bromeliads, I have found it to be very advantageous for shoot development to periodically add water to the cups of the leaves.

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