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Potting Carnivorous Plants and African Violets

In Potting, Propagation on September 20, 2011 at 3:41 pm

African Violet in Moss System

When potting carnivorous plants, African Violets, and other plants that need a steady, moist environment, it can be difficult to maintain a balance between too dry, and saturated. Typically, these specimens require daily attention, but with this method, you can water these plants once every week or so, and the plant will absorb moisture as needed between watering.

Smaller Porous Pot

This setup require two different pots. The first is a large, watertight (plastic or glazed terra-cotta) pot. The second is a small, very porous, terra-cotta pot. There is a type of clay that is used on a lot of cheap, decorative terra-cotta pots. This work especially well, and is what I used.

Two Pots Set Up

Pot the specimen in the smaller pot as would normally be done. Fill the bottom of the larger pot with peat moss. Fill it so that when the smaller pot is placed into the larger one, the top of the pots are even. When this is done, center the smaller pot within the large one, and firmly pack more peat moss around all side of the smaller pot.

To water the plant, fill the moss-filled space with water. The water will slowly seep through the porous terra-cotta pot, and into the media in which the plant is growing. This osmosis will slowly, evenly, supply water the plant.

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