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InDorm Vermiculture

In Gardening on February 1, 2011 at 11:50 pm

InDorm Vermiculture Bin

Over the past couple weeks I have been working on completing my InDorm Vermiculture System. Here it is! I constructed the system from three, five-gallon buckets. I drilled 3/16 inch holes on the bottoms of two of the containers to allow castings, compost, and tea to fall into the lowest container. I also drilled 1/8 inch holes scattered about the sides of the two buckets to allow for air flow. The final bucket I kept in tact to serve as a reservoir to catch the tea and castings as they fall.

With the system built, I laid a bed of damp newspaper and soil. I introduced the worms, red wigglers, and allowed them to acclimate to their new environment. After a day, I dumped a pile of plant clippings, old lettuce, and a heel of bread into the system.

What makes this system to easy to use is that harvesting compost is very simple. Worms seek two things in life: food, and darkness. To drive the worms from the compost in the top bin, I will stop adding food to the top bin, and prepare the lower composting bin with food,  then leave the lid open, allowing light to enter the system. The worms, fleeing the light, and in search of food, will relocate to the lower composting bin, then, I can remove the top bin, use the compost, then rotate the bins to that the bin with the worms in on top, and the now empty bin is on the bottom.

Bins Used For System

Air and Tea Holes

Compost In Upper Bin

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